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So you’ve found yourself rummaging through some obscure website of some amateur comic maker. You’re either doing really well in life and have a lot of free time or you’ve plummeted to rock bottom and have resorted to spending your limited days scouring the internet.

Either way, enjoy!

Who am I?

I’m a high-school student who thinks he has way more free time than he actually likely does, yet continues to spend his precious minutes thinking of and making comics despite knowing this. But at the end of the day I have Fun and that’s what’s important. Probably.

Stuff I Like

  • Science and Math (which should be evident if you read my comics)
  • Comics(duh). Favorites include XKCD, Doghouse Diaries and SMBC.
  • Starset. Literally the greatest band of all time in my humble but always correct opinion.
  • Space in general. Astrophysics, cosmology, astronauts, all that jazz.
  • Terrible puns and jokes.
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